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The world will not remember what you say, but it will not forget what you have done.” - Jack Ma

Our VHIS solution is tailored to bridge the gap between our clients and the original product – OPE or original equipment manufacturers – OEM’s by monitoring as well as managing the demand from our clients and maintaining the necessary buffer stock at our warehouse within Zambia.

We ensure that supplies are the correct quality, are delivered punctually, systematically, orderly and in their correct quantities. To achieve this effectively we enter in to long term contractual agreements with the OPE’s and OEMs or their agents, pre-order and maintain minimum stock levels in our warehouse. We also pay them upfront for up to six months’ worth of stock to guarantee delivery from them on our orders.

This approach ensures that we safe guard our clients from production or lead time variations and by doing so make sure that our clients do NOT unintentionally experience any stock outs.

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