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Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” - Warren Buffet

Affordable housing is an essential part of urban infrastructure because it provides homes for people that are essential to the urban as well as national economic fabric. Without affordable housing, there are serious consequences for attracting the entrepreneurs, recent graduates and or young professionals who are a cardinal ingredient to fueling Zambia’s growth, creativity and innovation. Affordable housing also allows low income earners the opportunity to invest in other parts of their lives, including education and training that allows them to move up the economic ladder.

MTi aims to acquire, develop, redevelop affordable but good quality lowincome rental housing. We offer our tenants the opportunity to live in a secure, comfortable and clean environment. Currently our low-income housing is still in its first phase of implementation under which we are focusing on acquiring land as well as property that that will be developed or redeveloped respectively within the second phase (2020).

It is envisioned that our properties will offer flexible month-to-month leasing arrangements in major cities across the Country and offer our tenants the opportunity to live peacefully, without interference from us, or others while providing them with timely and effective maintenance repairs when they are needed so that they always have a functional home.

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